The result was unexpected to both of them. Will those people follow you in the face of hunger? Because the Star River sword has become a heaven made level. He stretched out his hand, and suddenly a very thick lightning appeared in the sky! Chaos of shouts, miscellaneous steps, the king with a group of Nanzhao experts, crazy pursuit. The number of Sima troops surrounding this mountain area is at least ten times that of the immortal. His mind quietly unfolded, step by step to find the door to the underground floor. In order to learn from the experience, many Taiwanese follow fishing boats to various ports in Wuhan Naturally, he didn't believe what he Luyao said. Chapter 347: Golden Phoenix and Chiyu (for subscription!) The girl took the initiative to lie down on Xiao Ping. Zhou Shaojin was both frightened and uneasy. After the ancient agreement was carried out once, Qingqiu's face turned red in September. Xiaobai sits next to Chen Feng. While fighting against the invasion, he says to Chen Feng: "vice pre Seeing that the sword array in the air stopped, the white smoke flashed and turned into human form. After half an hour's advance, they suddenly encounter an attack, which is a bloody figure. The s How can the representatives of many forces in Yincheng bear this? It seems that these elite don't know enough about marine life

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