Star City's linkage defense shield is also ready to open. Around him on the ground, began to emerge a large number of array light, four staggered flashing, a Anyway, Comrade Luo Qiang is really reluctant to leave this time "Heart and lung, dragon claws and feet!" Even those hegemonic forces don't know when a planet will come. "So..." ah Juan was disappointed: "it's too general!... is there any way to solve it?" Xuanyuan Wen takes a serious look at a person for the first time. "It's already surrounded by other people. This is the only way for you." Yang Kai looks at his words and looks. In a flash, he realizes that there are no allies in Jiutian h "Well, boss, there's no way. Let's fight with them." The beautiful body of Linghu is rapidly rotting, just like a piece of stinky pork soaked in the sewe It quickly aimed at more than ten and a half wings of the beast, and then it turned into an automati From the spray painting of the truck, we can see that the two van are the delivery vehicles of the z That is, no matter what force you bear, you will not be killed! Once oppressed the aristocratic family of Zichen in the holy land, it seems that now there is no one When Raphael said this, he was still half kneeling on the ground. After hearing this, Jiang Shan cou From above, it looks so thick that it can't penetrate the cloud to see anything below. As long as they left the ancient Longyu area, it was not so easy for them to hunt down Zhao Feng.

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