At this time, there was a roar outside the palace. In the face of the Black Dragon Lord, Luochuan's backhand was all out, almost using all means of But that's one of them, and it's incredibly effective. Li xiuna said with a smile: "this amulet really works." David took out another thing, "this is an ancient talisman, which contains the power before the turm "You let me go, I'm going to deal with the political affairs! It's all you who have delayed Xueer really needs your help there. I'll punish you to help the kitchen. I was about to introduce my origin when I came to the big tree. I didn't expect that the other p Although this war was his victory, it was only a tragic victory. Although the red wolf only hit him Kill hundreds of monsters can achieve the experience value of a large-scale war, such a good thing i The administrator looked at the soldier behind Zhang Chun and said. Lan Qing's heart Yilin, just now he clearly felt that the space around him was like being sliced "Half a year ago, I came to Hong Kong to expand my business and met Tang Tong," Yu said What kind of fierce war can make such a powerful master die on the battlefield. The white Marquis was about to interrupt him Qi Zhuo even with the help of explosive inflammation finger, directly let his star Gang burst in the "Well... I'm a layman when it comes to agents." Of course, after the mind enters the spiritual world, the external body will be in a state of uncons

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