Speaking of this, Zhao Mingguang and the captain of the Criminal Police Brigade were stunned. The middle-aged man over there said with a smile: "Congratulations, Mr. Zhang." Everyone turned around and looked at the sudden appearance of the team. Major shi Kun, commander of the 1st Battalion of the 2nd brigade, ordered. "This material is really old. It's probably my grandfather's stuff." Cangyang poured a magic stream into the array without money: "cheap." Mirage sect, an old woman in Nirvana, is full of folds on her face, and reports to Yu Lingwei with w "It's possible that the winner will be the winner. If you kill my son today, either you or I wil Hearing this, Deng Yimin almost fell down and said in silence, "how much do you think you can sell a I don't care much about it when I read the magazine The first "magic magic magic array" tests the will of the mind, and the second one is not about cult Even surpassing the Song Kun Expressway? "Damn it, it's hard to find the corpse king again in this mine. I don't know when to wait." The tanks of the Imperial Army hiding behind the tank bunkers were more defensive than the German ar Therefore, he only defends and does not attack. He wants to use this power to arouse the awakening o "Hello, Hello! Are you not clear? I was brought in by you. It's your duty to help me out, not in As a result, the little patriarch was in a state of disorder. If he was not allowed to calm down, he "Thank you very much. These three laws are enough to cover tens of thousands of troops."

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