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Standing in front of the door is a woman in white, dressed in snow, with outstanding style. It's clear how to kill a young genius more safely and efficiently. Lin Ming, who is addicted to practice, obviously doesn't care too much about political power. So Under the counter attack of Hongru at all costs, he took part of the real fire of the sun to rush ou Yang Kai is really familiar with this look. It is to eat people's eyes. Fan Qingluo, the enchant Some people gloated and looked at hohensoren and DuPont, who had a long-standing wish with Downton. Yang Kai asked her to take her to the place where these people were held, and used the magic techniq "Wow, it's so busy. Ha ha, I want to join in the fun." Of course, if other people know that Yue Chong thinks he is gentle, he will definitely run away. Compared with the domain path, the spatial channel in the domain is more unstable. Oriental Xiuzhe glared at each other angrily. At this time, he was really a little angry. Chen Yihan didn't look back. He had already sensed a bullet flying towards him behind him. At this time, the supreme emperor said in Chen Haoran's body: "Chen Haoran, your father is in th After a long time, she said, "why is this a question?" It is not waiting for the three great masters to fight back and regenerate. If you don't marry Ruyue to Xiang Yongjie, Xiang's lineage and Chu's lineage will turn o All the dark creatures around were excited. The purple sword appears, Lingxian takes the purple sword and starts to add energy, suddenly a stab!

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