One by one, the members of several special departments across DJ roared and rushed to the scene wher When he looked up, Ye Zhen saw the round face of Yuankang emperor, which was squeezed into a cake, a Chen Jiu white eye, the family is happy, end is together to eat a reunion dinner. He didn't even feel the pain in his leg before. Next to the red haired man, there are three other members. At the same time, the expression on the whole face is also full of pride. "I remember being in the desert for six or seven days." "Elder martial brother, where are you taking people?" he said with a smile "Baga, tuba road is so difficult to deal with‘ Chen Haoran said, "how can we break through this space?" At present, the two men have been engaged in a fierce battle for 47 rounds, but they are not sure wh Go back to the crowd behind the business people. "Well, since then, we are all our own people, including me, a total of 13, so the name of our organi The words of the Inca group are obviously just learned, and they can speak a lot of words before the But it makes the whole city wall more imposing, reading the vicissitudes of life in general. Teng Tian said: "did you go out with a quick knife? Then, why don't you leave a gift for him?" "Gaga, seven brothers, how do you lie on the ground?" As soon as several ghost disciples guarding the branch of Guimen saw the girl, their eyes were strai

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